The best dab rig for you depends on how you like to dab

A glass dab rig is a good investment if you’re just getting started. If you’re looking to buy dab rig accessories soon, you may want to consider getting a glass or small dab rig.

The size, filtration system, and durability of a dab rig are the most crucial features to look for


Smaller rigs are renowned for providing a more delicious experience, while larger rigs are known for giving bigger impacts. An overly huge rig will obscure the flavour of the vapour you inhale, so go for something smaller. If you plan on taking bigger impacts in the future, you’ll need a more robust rig.

How well the vapours can be tasted depends greatly on the mouth piece’s diameter. A more accurate perception of the vape’s flavour can be attained with a smaller mouthpiece than with a bigger one. Find a smaller mouthpiece if you want to savour every puff.


Although some rigs can still operate even without water, you should never buy one of these. Dry hits with dabs might be harmful to your lungs because of the extreme heat. Water cools the smoke as it passes through the device, making for a more pleasant and safer smoking experience. You’ll need a vehicle with a water purification system.

In order to achieve clean, smooth hits, percolation is a must. The smoke is cooled further by having to go through many defensive barriers and percolators. Percolators come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own design aesthetic. Some concentrates rosin press can accommodate many percolators, while others can only accommodate one. If you want the smoothest possible hit, you should use a configuration with two to four percolators.


Finding a dab rig that will last for a long time should be one of, if not your top priority. Even if you see the most beautiful rig in the world, you won’t see it again if it breaks down in the first two weeks.

High-quality, long-lasting dab rig may cost a little more than you had hoped, but they will serve you well for many more years than their cheaper counterparts. Your best bet is to shop around for a dab rig that is both high-quality in its build and built to last.

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