Know Your Hardness Testers for Optimal Results

These systems have an open architecture and can be calibrated to read any metal, in any hardness scale, with reference samples to perform initial calibration. Ultrasonic portable testing is ideal for applications such as bearings, pistons and valves, among many others. Industries for this type of testing include aerospace, automotive, medical parts and knife-blade manufacturing, to name just a few.

A user-friendly touchscreen interface can speed operations, and the ability to use USB output to a flash drive is excellent for data mobility. There are options to apply the weight load, such as on digital systems that use weights to apply the load or use a closed-loop load cell to apply the weight load. With a weight-loaded system, the level of the machine is of great importance so that the weights drop correctly. Large LCD Display——Directly display measurement result, times count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation.

g Motorized

The Die computer-controlled positioning offers the possibility for hardness testing on lines and surfaces as well as … Ultrasonic hardness tester UCI method – SA459C This model is widely employed to measure hardness using ultrasounds technology. The Ultrasonic Contact Impedance probe is used for measuring the hardness value of small items, objects with a thin wall, complex form, and to measure the hardness of surface hardened layers. The device has a “plug and measure” interactive interface, programming functions and additional scales for the provided non-standard.

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By purchasing a subscription and clicking through this agreement, you are entering into a contract, and acknowledge that you have read this License Agreement, that you understand it and agree to be bound by its terms. If you do not agree to the terms of this License Agreement, promptly exit this page without entering the ASTM Product. Ultra Sonic Hardness testers are built with an internal protection circuit to protect the device against interference. Our Service Department has recently acquired a new humidity and temperature-controlled chamber. GENEQ has recently updated its temperature calibration equipment and we are very proud of it.

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